Sports court

Interactive goals can be fit in any muga or sports arenas

A great and fun way to play and practice sports and tactics

Playable with a big group of users, alone or in teams

Durable construction: vandalism and weather resistant

Internet connection: constantly upload new sports games

100% Dutch design. Invented, constructed and assembled in The Netherlands

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Toro product features

Olympic vision

Olympic vision

  • Challenge players in fun way
  • Football and field hockey
  • High exercise intensity
Interactive arena

Interactive arena

  • Landscape design
  • Custom flooring
  • Custom games
  • Different colours


  • Teamplayer
  • Highscore games
  • Training games
  • Multiple sports

Olympic vision

In the Netherlands we love football, and field hockey. And our sports trainers are one of the main export products. Together with DJ’s (see Fono DJ table). This lead to the Toro interactive sports arena.

We worked together with Marc Lammers, olympic gold coach in field hockey, to create a unique and innovative way to train sports skills.

The core of this vision is to offer players challenges in a fun way. Using interactive goals, we create a sports surrounding that changes dynamically.

Players learn to quickly adjust to new circumstances, and above all, have fun playing a lot of different games.

Interactive arena

The core of the Toro is an interactive goal.The goal has sensors to detect impact, and LED lights and sound output to give feedback to the players.

A set of 4 interactive goals can be fixed in any sports arena. Just make room for the Toro goals and create a interactive field in an instant.

Thus creating a interactive arena with really cool goals lighting up to create a unique and very intensive sports experience, and something new to the classic muga, sports field or multi use game arena.


Although advanced technology is used the Toro arena is easy to use. No need for explanation, just push the button and play on all four goals!

All the interactive games are developed with a few basic rules to offer challenging, fun and varied game play.

Young children can already enjoy these games, as a playful start of sports instead of doing boring training exercises.

Together with sports trainers we developed games that can handle big groups of players, calling for changing teams and creating tournaments.

All games leave enough room for creative players or trainers to come up with different variations.

Durable construction

  • Vandalism proof
  • Similar to bullet-proof glass
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • 5 year warranty
Inclusive play

Inclusive play

  • For all ages
  • Accessible for disabled children
  • Family fun
  • Intuïtive gameplay

Internet connection

  • Personal control tool (my.yalp)
  • Change volume settings
  • Update games
  • Set on/ off times

Durable construction

Toro goals are to easily survive the outdoor space. They are made from high density concrete together with high impact resistant front panels.

They are heavily tested on impacts ranging from soccer balls to ice hockey pucks. Next to that all electronics are put to the test on vibration and temperature tests ranging from -35 to +85 degrees celsius.

We provide 5 year warranty on all items, including our electronic parts.

Inclusive play

The Toro sports field is fun for everyone. From young children to veteran sports players. It offers a safe place to practice sports in a fun way.

The game package and speed of the games can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the users.

By making the sports field accessible for wheelchairs, also disabled children can be included in all the fun games that can be played.

Internet connection

Thanks to an internet connection the Toro can be renewed every time.

All the settings of the interactive sports field like volume, on/off times, and active games can easily be adjusted with few clicks.

Choose new games, see the usage statistics and check the latest game highscores online. See the progress of your team!

Just login on the Yalp site and take full control.

Toro Sports court product video

Yes our products are 100% vandalism proof

  • Durable materials
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Tested extensively and succesfully

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Toro projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Toro:

  • A new playful training and play facility at the sports and football club
  • Get neighbours to socialize in a sportive way at a local park or square
  • Create a compact challenging sports area at the schoolyard
  • Add innovative sportsground at your holiday park to attract teenagers
  • Offer a compact sports experience within your family entertainment centre
  • Make your campsite stand out from the rest
  • Create a sports zone at a healthcare facility or hospital to revalidate with fun


“These interactive play sets make my animation team unnecessary, the children are enjoying themselves.”

Chiel Palstring - Managing director camping 't Rheezerwold
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