Interactive football wall

As entertaining as video games, but played outdoors with other children

Healthy and socially constructive like outdoor play

Durable construction that is vandalism proof

Always relevant due to constanly new developed games

100% Dutch design. Invented, constructed and assembled in The Netherlands

Fun for all ages. Everybody, boys, girls, teens and adults love the Sutu.

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Sutu product features


Dutch Design

  • Red dot award
  • Founder of interactive play
  • 100% made in Holland

Custom Design

  • Landscape design
  • Custom flooring
  • Custom games
  • Different colours


  • Team play games
  • Highscore games
  • Training games
  • Multiple sport games

Dutch Design

Everyone knows the benefits of outdoor play: exercise, social interaction and being outdoors in a healthy way. But it’s hard to beat the entertainment value of video games or television.

This is why in 2006, Yalp started creating interactive playsets; and started merging gaming technology into outdoor play equipment. Currently over 300 are installed worldwide, and more are added each day.

The Yalp Sutu is a special eye-catcher! The football wall has a very strong appeal to children, but also to parents who like to play a game. The football wall is addictive and challenges to compete with each other.

Custom Design

Make Yalp Sutu more fun by tuning it to your specific needs.

Add a theme, choose specific colours, and customize the floor graphics to create a unique soccer wall specific for you.

Create new games that are tailored to your needs. Involve your brand, club, theme or other ideas to create a great soccer experience.

Our playground design team at Yalp can help you to create and visualize a playground or sports area design that suit your requirements, without any obligation or costs. For more information please feel free to contact our office.


Although advanced technology is used the interactives are easy and intuitive to use. No need for explanation, just push the button and play!

All the interactive games are developed with a few basic rules to offer challenging, fun and varied game play. The games aren’t specifically developed for football only. You are also able to use your tennis ball or basketball to play.

At the same time, each game will leave enough space for the creativity of the players to make up their own rules and variations.

We keep on developing new games that keep up with the changing world of children and upload them easily on the interactive.

Durable construction

  • Vandalism proof
  • Similar to bullet-proof glass
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • 5 year warranty

Inclusive play

  • For all ages
  • Accessible for disabled children
  • Family fun
  • Intuitive gameplay

Easy to control

  • Personal control tool
  • Change volume settings
  • Update games
  • Set on/ off times

Durable construction

The development of the Yalp Sutu is based on accurate research and the soccer wall and courts are heavily tested. The panels of the Yalp Sutu are successfully tested to withstand heavy impact (1000 times 50kg), can withstand vibration and temperature differences of -35°C until +85°C. Resist heavy blows, electronic disturbances and comply the safety standards set for play and sports equipment in public spaces.

For instance, the transparent panels are made of 15mm thick polycarbonate. This material is similar to bullet-proof glass and is also used in the safety shields of the police.

Our interactive play sets meet all requirements to guarantee many years of fun.

Inclusive play

The Yalp Sutu will challenge everybody to come outside for healthy exercise and fun play.

It is accessible for all players, and easy to use. If you are in a wheelchair, you can play together with all the other children.

Games use various skill levels and everyone can play on their own level.

On top of that meeting at the playground also increases the neighbourhood involvement and the social skills of the kids.

Internet Connection

Thanks to an internet connection the Sutu can be renewed and updated with new games every time. Therefor this product never gets outdated and guarantees many years of fun.

All the settings of the Sutu, like volume and on/off times, can easily be adjusted with a few clicks by accessing the online my.yalp tool, for which you receive a personal login account when purchasing a Yalp interactive playset.

Choose new games, see the usage statistics and check the latest game highscores online. With the online tool you can take full control over your product.

Sutu interactive football wall product video

Yes our products are 100% vandalism proof

  • Durable materials
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Tested extensively and succesfully

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Sutu projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Sutu:

  • Engage children in fun active games in the their playgrounds
  • Offer a wider selection of activities at your leisure facilities
  • A new challenging training facility at your football club
  • Inspire the community to use their local outdoor parks and spaces
  • Attract high visitor numbers at your holiday park with the unique interactive games
  • Offer more variety of play activities within your family entertainment centre
  • Provide active play concepts at your amusement park
  • Make your campsite stand out from the rest
  • Create a playzone at a healthcare facility or hospital to revalidate with fun
  • Add a supervision free attraction to your holiday parks

The Yalp Sutu Football wall app

Join the worldwide competition

  • PLAY the Yalp Sutu Football wall highscore games
  • CLAIM the score of you or your friends
  • COMPETE against others all over the world
  • IMPROVE your skills by collecting badges


“The Sutu gives guests an experience they couldn’t get at home. It’s great for socializing and meeting new people as well.”

Tjitske Beerendonk - Owner Camping Site Reeenwissel
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“It is important to go with times - otherwise you get left behind and under-perform. Doing so consciously makes you realise new opportunity and solutions to public issues.”

Wimjoost Licht - Hengelo Municipality
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“As the statistics show, the Yalp Sona is still being used over 3 hours a day.. every day! It looks like sports park West is becoming the most visited sports park in the city!”

Yves Schonmacker, Owner & Manager - Sports park West
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