interactive Play arch

Combining the best of video games and outdoor play

Durable construction that is vandalism proof

Big fun on a small floor space

New games can be uploaded every year

100% Dutch design. Invented, constructed and assembled in The Netherlands

Fun for all ages. Everybody, boys, girls, teens and adults love to play Sona

Fit for elderly, wheelchair users, due to a safe accessible play floor

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Sona product features


Inclusive play

  • For all ages
  • Accessible for disabled children
  • Family fun
  • Intuïtive gameplay

Easy to use

  • No instructions needed
  • Just one button
  • Motion detection
  • Truly interactive


  • Large game variety
  • Competition games
  • Training games
  • 1-10+ players

Inclusive play

Yalp Sona is fun for the whole family, and very accessible for everyone.

The Yalp Sona is truly inclusive. Disabled children can play together with their friends, brothers and sisters at the same games, as the play floor can be safely accessed with any kind of wheelchair or support, without being stigmatizing.

Many Sona games are available, for many different players of all ages. If required a special software package is available, whereby different games and calmer audio feedback can be installed.

The Yalp Sona has also become very important healthcare innovation for seniors. It is being used for the elderly to spend more time outdoors and have fun and keep fit.
Furthermore, the Yalp Sona has proven to help people with Alzheimer’s to become more mentally alert.

Easy to use

Although Yalp Sona is a very advanced product, it is really easy to use. The only electronic part that is in sight is the big button, to activate the arch and choose a game or different language.

The Yalp Sona reacts on movement and recognizes the colours and numbers on the floor. This makes very intuitive gameplay, as there are no instructions needed. No need to explain the rules, just play and discover. Push the button, go on the floor and play along.

The play arch responds actively to the actions of the player and give them feedback, which will motivate them to keep playing and challenge themselves. This creates an amazing interaction between the player and the interactive playset, young or old, you can see a smile appear from the very first second they start playing.


The Sona has a big variety of different games: dancing, brain training, competition, sports. For one player up to more than 10 players at the same time.

All Sona games are designed to be fun and intuitive in use. One line of explanation, and the rest is up to the creativity of the players.

Most popular are the dancing games, where you can dance together with your friends and show your latest dance moves!

Durable construction

  • Vandalism proof
  • Similar to bullet-proof glass
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • 5 year warranty

Dutch design

  • Red dot award
  • Founder of interactive play
  • 100% made in Holland

Easy to control

  • Personal control tool
  • Change volume settings
  • Update games
  • Set on/ off times

Durable construction

The Sona is designed to last in the outdoor space. The first Sona was placed in 2007 and is still being played every day.

The core of the play arch is a steel skeleton. On top of that the reinforced glassfiber to make Sona all-weather and vandalism proof.

All electronics are tested for -35 to 85 degrees celsius conditions. The speakers are A-brand (JBL) and designed for outdoor use.

The Sona has no moving parts, which makes it very low in maintenance.

Dutch design

The big arch is a landscape icon, that looks inviting and exciting.

The Dutch design is timeless with clean lines, and aimed at playing together, with the players looking at each other instead of at a screen.

The Yalp design team is award winning and worked out all concepts from the first sketch to the last bolt.

All production and assembly takes place in Holland, mostly within a 30km circle of the Yalp headquarter.

Easy to control

Yalp Sona is connected to the internet, and can be updated and controlled at any time.

You receive a personal login account for the online my.yalp tool, when purchasing a Yalp interactive playset.

All the settings of the Sutu, like volume and on/off times, can easily be adjusted with a few clicks. Choose new games, see the usage statistics and check the latest game highscores online. With the online tool you can take full control over your product.

Every year, new updates like  games and features will be available for your Sona.

Sona interactive Play arch product video

Yes our products are 100% vandalism proof

  • Durable materials
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Tested extensively and succesfully

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Sona projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Sona:

  • A real eye catcher in the playground for everyone to enjoy
  • Create a landmark arch on the campsite or holiday park
  • Provide care free play opportunities in family entertainment centres
  • Offer fun for a big group in the schoolyard
  • Have people from all backgrounds socialize in public parks
  • Get elderly fit in body and mind in elderly homes
  • Make a sports club more attractive for children
  • Innovate your theme park by adding a magical dance arch with themed games
  • Make shoppers come back and stay longer in a shopping centre or mall
  • Make waiting fun in transport hubs like airports and train stations
  • Create a fun way to get more fit in healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Get more people returning to your restaurant or hotel


“The Sona has honestly been our best investment yet, and I think every leisure facility should consider buying one.”

Cok Milatz - manager at Linnaeushof
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“As the statistics show, the Yalp Sona is still being used over 3 hours a day.. every day! It looks like sports park West is becoming the most visited sports park in the city!”

Yves Schonmacker, Owner & Manager - Sports park West
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"The equipment is a really unique and innovative way to encourage participation and activity within our parks. The interactive play sets we have are really well used and well received by all."

Aaron Niblett - Park officier Hertsmere Meadow park
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