Upcoming exhibitions

Inclusive play court, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsThe Netherlands"It is important that there are places that are accessible for all children and that there is given the opportunity to do sports together, outside and at sports clubs."
Esther Vergeer, Rotterdam, Court, Inclusive play
Sports, Marc Lammers, Toro developmentThe Netherlands"The Toro is perfect for intense (skill) training for the young players. As well as offering a fun and challenging array of games"
Public space, Gröningen, Helsingborg, Sweden"In Helsingborg, we chose to place the Fono on the boardwalk right by the sea. It was an optimal spot"
Primary school, Kringlaskolan, SwedenSwedenThe Yalp Memo spreads joy and also gives students who have it difficult socially the possibility to join the community.
Memo, Kringlaskolan, Sweden, School