activity zone

Combining the best of video games and outdoor play

Playful learning: learn by playing games

Durable construction that is vandalism proof

New games can be uploaded every year

Touch technology appeals to the new generation of play

100% Dutch design. Invented, constructed and assembled in The Netherlands

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Memo product features

Dutch design

Dutch design

  • Red dot award
  • Founder of interactive play
  • 100% made in Holland
playful learning

Playful learning

  • Playful learning
  • Gamification
  • Also fun
  • Learn outdoor, not in school


  • Teamplayer
  • Highscore games
  • Training games
  • Multiple sports

Dutch design

It is very Dutch to be proud of Dutch design. And we are. Working together with local suppliers to deliver the best quality possible.


Our award winning design team took the challenge to design 360 touch screens for the outdoor space. Why? Because it would offer the most fun play!

The architectural shapes of the 7 posts are minimalistic in design to draw all the attention to the screens, where the magic happens.

You just want to touch it!

Playful learning

Memo is just fun to play! But it also uses gamification: learning all kinds of things while playing games.

Forget about sitting still in the classroom: just go to the schoolyard and play the latest mathematics challenge.

Help or beat each other in science quizzes or spelling. Learning has never been so much fun.


Memo uses visuals and sound to create a wide array of different games. Played by touching the posts.

Not with a finger, but with your whole hand and body!. Yes, we like to make everyone sweat!

All games are designed to be intuitive to use and above all: fun!

Play in teams, challenge other players to do a race around the posts, or work together to get to the highest level.

Durable construction

  • Vandalism proof
  • Similar to bullet-proof glass
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • 5 year warranty
memo-inclusive play

Inclusive play

  • For all ages
  • Accessible for disabled children
  • Family fun
  • Intuitive gameplay

Easy to control

  • Personal control tool (my.yalp)
  • Change volume settings
  • Update games
  • Set on/ off times

Durable construction

The 7 posts of the Memo are made from marine grade stainless steel, with extra thick HDPE covers.
The touch screen is made of material that is also used in military police shields.

All electronics are tested for -35 to 85 degrees celsius conditions and heavily tested for all weather and vandalism conditions.

The Memo has no moving parts, which makes it very low in maintenance.

It’s just that we like our products to be playable for years and years to come. And they are.

Inclusive play

All children can play Memo. Children of all ages, with or without disabilities. Everyone is welcome to join!

And not only children, also grown-ups and other old people that did not grow up.

Parents and grandparents can join their children and share the joy of playing outdoor.

We believe in the power of playing together, meeting new people, and having fun.

Easy to control

Memo is easier to use than a tablet or smartphone: just push the button, choose a game, and play!

What you do not see in the playground: Memo has a whole lot to offer online. Through a personal login, everything can be controlled to set up Memo to best suit the needs of its users.

Login online, and change the volume and time settings. Choose new games, upload new features and see the latest usage statistics.

Playing Memo will be a new experience every time.

Memo Activity zone product video

Yes our products are 100% vandalism proof

  • Durable materials
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Tested extensively and succesfully

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Memo projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Memo:

  • Add interactive learning to your schoolyard
  • Convert a playground into a innovative play area
  • Introduce playful exercise in elderly homes
  • Practice sports and reaction speed at sports institutes
  • Create a unique play element in your theme park
  • Make visiting an experience in a shopping centre or mall
  • Make waiting fun in transport hubs like airports and train stations
  • Create a fun way to get more fit in healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Have more people coming back to your restaurant or hotel


“The Memo has an educational approach where children learn the alphabet or solve math sums, therefore it is a great addition to our school.”

Marco Schaap - Principal Julianaschool
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"With the new roof terrace furnished with interactive play sets, the Experimentarium now also has an outdoor attraction, that connects movement with technology, mathematics and music."

Kim Gladstone Herlev - Managing Director Experimentarium
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“Our Yalp Memo plays a crucial part in setting us apart from the competition.”

Wim Berendsen - 'Vijf heuvels' swimming facility
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