26 May 2017, By Yalp

The Guardian wrote that 75% of children in the UK spend less time outdoors than the average prison inmate…! Needless to say, this implies children in the UK do not get outdoors often enough, and don’t get enough daily exercise.
How do we get our children to spend less time watching TV, playing video games and how do we get them outdoors again?

The answer might be surprising, as it lies within the very cause of what currently keeps them passively indoors; digital entertainment. The new Yalp interactive sports and play devices bring the entertainment value of video games to the public outdoors…

Thanks to the Yalp interactive playsets, healthy outdoor play is now becoming an irresistible counter-measure to various public health issues…

How Interactive Play turns the digital allure into something constructive

Everyone knows the benefits of outdoor play: exercise, social interaction and being outdoors in a healthy way. But it’s hard to beat the entertainment value of video games or television.

This is why in 2006, Yalp started creating interactive playsets; and started merging gaming technology into outdoor play equipment. Currently over 300 are installed world-wide, and more are added each day.

Are todays younger generations really going for these playsets?

As the real-time usage statistics show, the Yalp Sona interactive dance and play arch in the public outdoors at Harold Hill, Romford, UK is used 3.1+ hours of consecutive, non-interrupted play per day on average throughout the year (including cold and rainy winter days).

The Romford statistics are very typical, while extreme outliers are interactive playsets that see between 10-12 hours of non-stop play per day on average.

Interactive Play in the UK

Yalp has many years of experience in the creation of inspiring interactive playsets, and distributing these all over the world. American, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern children get to enjoy these safe, robust and highly enjoyable playsets. These playsets have been found highly effective in meeting public health and other policy aims of municipality all over the world.

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