DJ booth

The original and only outdoor DJ table in the world

Use music from your own mobile phone, or pre installed beats

Positive hangout for teenagers

Durable construction that is vandalism proof

100% Dutch design. winner of international Red Dot design award

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Fono product features

Dutch design

Dutch design

  • Red dot design award 2014
  • Founder of interactive play
  • 100% made in Holland
designed for teenagers

Designed for teenagers

  • positive
  • creative
  • hangouts, meeting places
  • addition to sports/skate parks
Dj functions

DJ functions

  • Development with pro DJ’s
  • DJ functions and effects
  • Record your own music
  • Any mobile phone works
  • Pre installed beats

Dutch design

The Netherlands is famous for its top professional DJ’s. And new DJ talent can discover their talent in the public space with the Dutch designed DJ table.

Yalp Fono won a reddot design award in 2014. The Red Dot Award is the largest and most prestigious design award in the world.The Yalp Fono outdoor DJ-booth was picked from more than 4800 submissions from 53 different countries.

Earlier RedDot winners are Apple, BMW, Nike, Auping and Philips.

In cooperation with Grijsen a modern wooden design version is now available.

Designed for teenagers

The interactive DJ table is designed to create something positive for teenagers, and everyone that is young at heart.

Something also non sportive teens can relate to. Music has always been, and will always be, an important way for teenagers to express their identity. Going to festivals one of the most fun things to do when you are young.

On top of that, every teenagers owns a smartphone, and every smartphone works on the Yalp Fono.
DJ’s are the new superheroes, and youngsters can now really discover their musical talents outdoor.

DJ functions

Professional DJ’s helped out in developing the Fono, getting the right balance to an accessible DJ table for everyone, with cool functions for advanced users.

One result of this cooperation is the DJ table now has two real turning discs. A very important thing for a DJ that wants control at his fingertips.

The Fono uses well-known DJ effects, and has the possibility to record and create your own loops.

You can use your favorite playlist from your mobile phone to play on the Yalp Fono. Every phone works.

Use spotify, youtube, soundcloud, apple music or any other app to create your own DJ set.


Or just use one of the 100 pre-installed beats to get going!

Durable construction

  • Vandalism proof
  • Similar to bullet-proof glass
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • 5 year warranty
Easy to control

Easy to control

  • Maximized volume
  • Regulate on/ off times
  • Headphones can be used

Energy use

  • Powered by mains
  • Minimum energy use
  • Solar power edition available

Durable construction

Yalp Fono is designed to last: one of the reasons we choose high density concrete and marine grade stainless steel as the main materials.

The DJ table is heavily tested in many vandalism tests including fireworks, mud, snow and ice, gum, cigarettes and all kinds of liquids.

Many DJ tables are installed in rugged environments known for vandalism. Still, these are bringing a lot of fun every day and people are very proud of them.

Easy to control

The interactive DJ table can be installed at any location, and comes in one piece to make installation quick and easy.

With an internal clock the on and off times of the Fono can be set for each day.

Sound volume can be maximized to control the sound output.

And for the DJ’s that like to work on their skills by themselves: just plug your headphones in the Fono and enjoy your own session.

Energy use

The Yalp Fono DJ table is designed for very low energy use.When played it  uses about 12W, this is comparable to a light-bulb or a desktop PC

For sunny climates, Fono is available in solar power version, with solar panels on the roof and an advanced battery system to create its own green energy.

For other climates, main power is an easy option to make sure the Fono is always powered and ready to roll.

Yalp Fono DJ booth product video

Yes our products are 100% vandalism proof

  • Durable materials
  • Withstands heavy impact
  • Designed for heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Tested extensively and successfully

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Fono projects

Ideal locations for Yalp Fono:

  • Create teenage hangouts in cities and public areas like parks and squares
  • Add a cool way to play music to your sports facilities
  • Turn your museum or attraction into an interactive experience
  • Create an attractive teenage area to campings and holiday parks
  • Engage more students in a new way at secondary schools
  • A new meeting place in a neighbourhood that creates coherence
  • Attract more teenagers and young adults at a family entertainment centre
  • Provide a unique hangout at skateparks, as music is a huge part of the skate community


“The Fono is much more interactive than any other playground equipment.”

Inga Fransson - Rock n Pop Museum, Gronau
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“A well-developed product for an audience that still does not get enough attention..”

Hans van Leeuwen - Jury member Pleisureworld Noviteiten Award
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“The first time testing the Yalp Fono in the Bijlmerpark, the kids joined in right away. It's been a huge success ever since.”

Oscar Hulscher - policy maker Amsterdam
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