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UK children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates

Three out of four British children spend less time outdoors than the average prison inmate. UK newspaper The Guardian further writes that one out of five UK children don’t even get outdoors at all during the average day. Research shows that 74 percent of kids between the ages of 5 and 12 get less than one hour of outdoor play time per day. This all the while prison inmates get one full hour of mandatory “airing” time on a daily basis. Experts say that ample outdoor activity is crucial to the health, well-being and development of children.


Our solution to get and stay outdoors much more

“All of the Yalp Interactive products are simple to understand, and encourage free play. It gives kids, teens and families great incentive to get and stay outdoors much more.”
Mat Mathieu Gielen – MSc. Delft University of Technology

Our interactive products

Football wall

Children, Adults, Seniors

  • Competitive
  • Tactics
  • High Intensity
  • Ball sports
  • Tough

Watch the trailer (00:31)

Play arch

Children, Adults, Seniors

  • Dance
  • Play
  • Family Fun
  • Free Play
  • Inclusive Play

Watch the trailer (00:36)

DJ booth

Teenagers, Adults

  • Identity
  • Music
  • Meeting Point
  • Chill Out Spot
  • Entertainment

Watch the trailer (00:39)

Sports court


  • Sports
  • Teams
  • Tactics
  • High Intensity
  • Competitive

Watch the trailer (00:30)

Activity zone


  • Educational
  • Memory
  • Exercise
  • Cooperation
  • Speed

Watch the trailer (00:35)

See how interactive play challenges the new generations

Examples of ideal locations for our interactive products

  • Engage children in fun active games in the their playgrounds
  • Offer a wider selection of activities at your leisure facilities
  • Keep the elderly fit and active outdoors
  • Inspire the community to use their local outdoor parks and spaces
  • Make your Museum a destination with fun new activities
  • Attract high visitor numbers at your holiday park with the unique
    interactive games.
  • Offer more variety of play activities within your family entertainment centre.
  • Provide active play concepts at your amusement park
  • Make your campsite stand out from the rest
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“These interactive play sets make my animation team unnecessary, the children are enjoying themselves.”

Chiel Palstring - Managing director camping 't Rheezerwold
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“The Memo has an educational approach where children learn the alphabet or solve math sums, therefore it is a great addition to our school.”

Marco Schaap - Principal Julianaschool
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“The Sona has honestly been our best investment yet, and I think every leisure facility should consider buying one.”

Cok Milatz - manager at Linnaeushof
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