Yalp Fono

The Heavy-duty Outdoor DJ-table

The Yalp Fono is an entirely new kind of play set; developed especially for teenagers. In order to meet their unique - and often misunderstood demands, Yalp developed the Yalp Fono: a DJ-table, made especially for the outdoors.

The Yalp Fono allows teenagers to play, mix, and share the music on their mobile phones. In the end, however, it is much more than just a DJ-table. It is an overall meeting point-, and hangout spot for teenagers. 


How does Yalp Fono work?
Yalp Fono in various Sectors
"With the Yalp Fono, they succeeded to create a product that tenders to a neglected but giant target audience"
Hans van Leeuwen – Pleisureworld Managing Director
"The first time testing the Yalp Fono in the Bijlmerpark, the kids joined in right away. It's been a huge success ever since."
Oscar Hulscher, Policy maker Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Music & Effects on the Yalp Fono

Yalp Fono does not require Bluetooth, an internet connection, or Wifi. The Yalp Fono amplifies any sound coming from mobile phones. This way there is no limit to the music and variety. Yalp Fono therefore also stays new, fresh, and exactly what it needs to be. 

A lot is possible on the Yalp Fono; here are a few examples:


Yalp Fono records 10 seconds, then plays on repeat.
Video demonstration...


The crossfader regulates the balance between two channels.
Video demonstration...


Alter the music volumes
Video demonstration...


Choose various effects through the touch-sensitive pads
Video demonstration...


High and low tones can be filtered.
Video demonstration...


The famous DJ-effect, whereby the sound of scratching vinyl is emulated.
Video demonstration...

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RedDot Award Winner 2014!


In 2014, Yalp's own R&D team won the RedDot award! This is widely acknowledged as worlds' most prestigious design award. It is considered "The Oscars of the design industry." 

Previous RedDot winners included Apple, BMW, and Nike. 


Yalp Fono Product Lines

The Yalp Fono comes with steel "chill-bars," and a blue roof. The solid concrete base, in an addition to the steel bars make it very rugged, and perfectly suited for urban, non-supervised living area. 

Would you rather have a Design version? Especially for architectual design projects, the concrete DJ-table is now available with wooden street furniture. 

This version of the Yalp Fono is avaliable in various pre-defined constructions, and are also fully customisable by combining the smaller elements into one unique whole. The concrete Yalp Fono is your foundation. You can add one or more benches, chill-bars, and even a dance floor. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Yalp Fono Design Edition - and all of the options.


Yalp Fono Hangout Spot

A real DJ needs an audience, and a dancing crowd needs a real DJ playing the best music. 

The Yalp Fono is available as total-concept, with roofing-elements, a dancefloor, and urban street furniture. This way, a cool meeting and hangout spot is created. 

Check your local dealer for the possibilities.


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