Yalp is a global distributor and developer of interactive sports and play equipment - based in The Netherlands. Since 2006 Yalp has been the global market leader for interactive play equipment.


Interactive play

The world is changing fast. The current generations are used to smartphones, tablets, and games. Children get outdoors less and less...

Interactive play merges the entertainment value of electronic gaming, with the positive aspects of outdoor play. This way the digital allure gets transformed into something constructive. 

Interactive play can be tailored specifically to children, teenagers, adults, and even seniors. We have allowed the joy and benefits of play to be accessible to all - regardless of age or disposition.

Worldwide Interactives

What do playgrounds do for the home values in your area? and what are effects of play areas on school grades? 

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"The Sona has been here for 7 years and is still very popular. We've never had any technical problem in all those years. Also every season we get new games uploaded - for free!"
Gerrit en Jannie - Owner family park ’t Smallert -
"Mom, Dad - look what I can do!' is something you can hear on the play ground often. This is the sign of a child that's proud of his or her accomplishments, with plenty of self-confidence"
Ruben Hartmann - Yalp play ground designer

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